Spectator Info

Seating, Concessions, Coolers, and Outside Food/Drink
  • Titan Sports Complex
    • 101 E. 81st Street – Tulsa, OK  74132
    • chairs provided surrounding court – Please Don’t Move Them!
    • concessions available
    • No coolers allowed
    • No outside food or drink
  • Union 9th Grade
    • 7616 S. Garnett Rd – Broken Arrow, OK  74012 
    • ample bleacher seating, no chairs allowed
    • concessions available
    • coolers allowed in gym lobby near concession or in hallway to courts 17 and 18.
    • No outside food – Drinks are allowed
  • UMAC – Union’s Multipurpose Activity Center
    • 6836 S. Mingo Rd – Tulsa, OK  74133 
    • ample arena seating upstairs, no chairs allowed
    • players and coaches only on the arena floor
    • concessions available upstairs – coolers allowed upstairs – for those with limited mobility, please let us know if we can be of assistance with any concession needs.
Pre-sale T-shirts

Shirts will be delivered to your location for pool play and will be available at check-in. The person who placed the order should bring the confirmation email to verify the order before accepting delivery of the shirts.  Additional shirts may be available for purchase at each site.  No guarantees.

Access and Opening Times

Pool sheets will be posted online with specific addresses and directions regarding entrances into buildings.


Excluding coaches and players, a $6 admission will be charged each day for everyone 16 and over at all venues.  If you leave a venue, you must have a HAND STAMP to enter again.

A Gentle Reminder

We are here to support youth volleyball.  Please remember that it is someone’s daughter helping to officiate and manage the score table during play.  Spectators unable to support respectfully will be asked to leave the premises.

Custodial Service

That would be those of us running the sites; please help us out in the bleacher and bench areas.