Coach’s Online Meeting


Only one coach for each team should submit this form.
We know it is tempting to not read everything, but knowing the expectations will may make your experience better.  
Please review all of the information below, share what is crucial for parents to be informed well enough to enjoy the day, and then click submit when finished reading.
Hospitality Locations Hospitality is provided for coaches who are actually coaching.  We do not provide enough food to feed coaches not actually playing in the tournament or a coach’s family and friends.
  • Titan Sports – Downstairs near the championship desk
  • UHS and UMAC – Behind south courts of UMAC – take either concourse off the corner of either south courts and follow it behind the bleachers to the green room.  Coaches at the high school will walk to UMAC on a break.  Coaches at the high school gym are welcome to snacks and drinks from the concession table.
Parking at Titan is a challenge.  Please consider parking at the Hills Shopping Center and carpooling.  
  • Titan Sports Complex
    • No outside chairs – Seating provided surrounding court – Please Don’t Move The Provided Chairs!
      • Please request your parents share the chairs.  No camping!
    • concessions available
    • No coolers allowed
    • No outside food
  • UMAC
    • ample arena seating upstairs, no chairs allowed
    • players and coaches only on the arena floor, no chairs allowed unless for those with limited mobility – the elevator is down.
    • concessions available upstairs – coolers allowed upstairs – for those with limited mobility, please let us know if we can be of assistance with any concession needs.
    • No outside food for individuals
  • Union HS Gym
    • 6836 S. Mingo Rd – Tulsa, OK  74133 
    • ample bleacher seating, no chairs allowed
    • players and coaches only on the gym floor
    • concessions available upstairs – coolers allowed in lobby
    • No outside food – Drinks are allowed
Pool and Bracket Schedules on AES

Download AES Xpress on iOS or Android. Search by state. Search your team.  It will show your play schedule and work schedule, as well as future matches if you click your pool, crossover, or challenge match.

General Information for Playing
  • All sets will start at 4-4 except any third set in bracket.  There will be no third set in pool play. A coach or team rep must check in 30 min prior to play unless you are totally off match 1.
  • I understand I am to have a copy of each player’s medical form while at the tournament.
  • (N/A)-I understand my team may play a crossover or challenge match between pool and bracket, and I will be sure I am present for such match.
  • I understand pool/bracket schedules, scores, and officiating duties will be posted on AES – WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING THE AES APP TO FOLLOW YOUR TEAM’S SCHEDULE. Click Here for AES Scheduling ONLINE!
  • I understand AES will pre-assign both playing teams to officiate the next round of bracket.  AES will not determine the officiating team until after the previous match concludes and scores are entered; in most cases, the losing team will officiate on the same court. 
  • I understand my team’s roster should be submitted on AES.  If I have any waivered players, I have sent a Webpoint roster by email asking any waivered player to manually be added to AES.
  • I understand a trainer is available AT TITAN ONLY; there will be a small charge for preventive taping.  On the website is a list of local medical centers in the event an injury occurs.
  • I will check out with the site director after bracket play finishes and verify I have no officiating duties.
  • Tie breaks may not result in playoffs in a four or five team pool, even to determine advancement to gold or silver.
  • No balls should be in play outside of a court or gym. Warm-up balls are not provided.
  • I am responsible for the cleanliness of my team’s cooler and bench area.
  • Failure to report on time for officiating duties will result in penalty points or a forfeit.
  • I understand I or a team rep is to be court side during all assigned officiating responsibilities.
  • Phones and music devices are not to be used outside of an official time keeping capacity at the score table. Extra players do not need to crowd the score table.
  • I understand the R1 will call captains, and my team, if officiating, should begin warm up time IMMEDIATELY following the previous match and before discussing the team’s recent playing performance!
  • I will bring a whistle for my R2, as well as a time keeping device.
  • My players know that anyone defacing or otherwise doing damage to any part of a facility or equipment will be asked to leave, especially the score book and flip scores.
  • If I am scheduled at the 9th grade, I will inform my parents the upper deck area above the bleachers is off-limits by order of the Fire Marshal due to the locked gate and that no chairs are allowed.
  • If a medal is won at Titan, plan to pick up from the Championship desk following play.  At Union sites, medals will be delivered to the court.