Covid Protocols

The protocols below will be reviewed and updated the week of February 8.

Only Teams Playing and Ref Team are
Allowed Courtside During any Match
All Others Must Vacate Courts
(details below)

  • Court Limits – Spectators NEED CHAIRS for both courtside during the match and upstairs or on turf after the match
    • Parents and players MUST VACATE  the court when the team is not playing.
      • Unattended chairs will be removed by the court manager.
      • Off teams and parents should spread out upstairs or on the turf fields near concessions.
    • Ref Team – Only players actively officiating may be courtside.
    • The coach may be  courtside when not playing to announce to the team via text when it is time to return to the court.
    • During the match, spectators  sit ONLY on their team’s side.
  • Stay home if any of the following are true…
    • symptomatic in the previous ten days before the tournament or become symptomatic during the tournament
    • tested positive with symptoms starting less than ten days prior to the event
    • showing symptoms in the last ten days and have not tested negative on or after day seven
    • exposed in the last ten days to someone who tested positive
      • An exception to the above is that a person exposed may get a negative on or after day seven following exposure assuming no symptoms ever showed up.
  • Masks are mandated at all times for everyone age 10 and up everywhere inside Titan, excluding the six players on the court and the R1 and R2 while executing their duties requiring the use of a whistle.
  • Temperature checks will occur upon entry into the facility.
  • Wash and sanitize hands often and keep hands away from face.
  • Social distance when possible.
  • Players and Coaches
    • Coach – complete the PRE-tournament meeting.
    • Officiating Duties – No libero tracking.  Score keeper and score flipper will be separated – the chairs for flip and score will be sanitized between matches.  All other duties will be as normal.
    • Match Protocol
      • Players should sanitize hands prior to warm-ups and between sets. Sanitizer will be courtside, but it will help if each team has a bottle to use regularly.
      • Teams will not switch sides at any time.
      • Captains  will remain socially distanced during the coin flip.
      • Players not playing will wear a mask on the sideline.  The coach should wear a mask when not actively coaching.
      • Players should not touch hands during substitutions.
      • Players should distance while on the sideline.
      • The team bench will be removed – Plan to stand.
      • Hand-sanitizer will be court-side to use BEFORE warm-ups.
      • Game ball will be sanitized for each set, and each court will have multiple game balls to allow for drying time.
      • Only the starting six players will stand on the end line and wave from the three meter attack line (10ft line) when called by the R1 to take the court.
    • Following the match
      • Players may wave and acknowledge the opponent before retiring to the bench.
      • Players will pick up and throw away all trash from the sideline area.
      • Players will wash or sanitize hands once again.